Portable smart selfie makeup mirrors

Here are some makeup mirrors with light advices and why we choose Angel Lux from Mirrex as the best one. With over 1,000 reviews — over 80 percent of which are five stars —this lighted mirror gets top marks for its varied light settings and ability to rotate. “This is a really nice mirror. Super cool that you can charge the led like you would Bluetooth earbuds. Lights up great! Love all of the different angles for viewing,” writes one reviewer, who also says that the mirror is a great deal for its price. Another shopper who was skeptical at first admits, “It is easy to assemble and lightweight. The led lights are so bright and the multiangle with magnification makes it perfect for all aspects of my makeup routine. It does take AAA batteries or you can use the USB cable that comes with it.” A third reviewer sums up the mirror’s appeal like this: “This mirror is perfect. I love how thin it is and how bright it gets. I love that it angles up and down, so you don’t have to crouch or lean in to get coverage. It’s great that it can run on batteries or USB with a wall adapter.”

This mirror may look old-school Hollywood, but its Bluetooth speaker capabilities and touchscreen-adjustable dimming lightbulbs say otherwise. Plus, it has sneaky outlets and USB ports on the sides so you can plug in your straighter, curler, phone, your friend’s phone… If the magic mirror from Snow White were real, this would probably be it. We gave this a Best of Beauty award for its unique ability to re-create the lighting of any setting. Here’s how: Simply snap a pic of your office, favorite bar, or anywhere else, then sync the Wi-Fi-enabled mirror to your image, and it’ll re-create the exact lighting in the photo. Translation: No more wondering whether your green eyeliner is too much for the office (it’s not, btw). See extra details at Vanity makeup mirror.

This mirror might be good for those with very poor eyesight, but otherwise, it’s not a standout. It lacks adjustable lighting, and the size of the mirror seems too large for its magnification level—you have to get very close to its surface in order to get a clear showing, yet you can never see your entire face at the same time. This 5-inch round mirror is beautiful and its lighting is truly great, but its over-the-top frills actually work against it. The light is motion-activated, so it will illuminate whenever you walk by—we also found it a little finicky (i.e. I sometimes had to wave my hand frantically in front of it). The mirror could benefit from a regular-strength mirror on the flip-side to make it worthy of its high price. It’s simply more expensive than it’s worth, despite having a gorgeous design and nice, bright lighting.

There’s never a good excuse to not look your best, especially if you’re out with friends, or you have important meetings ahead of you. So touch-ups are definitely a must when you are out and about, no matter how hurried your itinerary or schedule may be. How many times have you redone your makeup in a dim-lighted washroom, only to realize it’s all blotched up when you finally enter a well-lit room? Or worse, you find out once your friends start tagging you in their photos! The Mirrex Portable Lighted Makeup Mirror provides color-correct and magnified details for spot-on looks! Our portable mirror taps into unique patented technology to give you the best tool for precise makeup application and touch-ups. The Angle Lux Light feature offers natural illumination, so you can easily spot blemishes and blotching. Beyond just being a handy touch-up buddy, our lighted mirror also functions as a wireless charger for any QI gadget, including iPhones and Samsung smartphones. Recharging the portable mirror is easy. Simply connect it to any computer or socket using a USB cable! The Mirrex portable lighted makeup mirror boasts excellent quality, with its scratch-proof surface and high-quality ABS plastic base. Here are other reasons to love our lighted mirror: It has three easy-to-adjust lighting modes: bright, moderate, and dim The product is FCC/CE/ROHS certified, which means it’s free of hazardous substances It comes with a free storage case. Light the way to flawless makeup. Add the Mirrex Portable Lighted Makeup Mirror to your cart TODAY! Source: https://www.mirrex.store/.