Automatic wood watch

Do you want to stand out from the mass assembly line style fashion? Wood is a very elegant material and wood watches are very stylish jewelry pieces. Here are some advices on wood watches. From sandalwood to maple and teak, there is a wooden watch choice handcrafted and tailored to every man’s taste. With many wood watches boasting additional hypoallergenic qualities, they are as safe and comfortable to wear as they are unforgettably unique. And with the ability to be personalized through engravings, stains, and finishes, you will leave your mark long after you’ve answered an inquiry as to what the hour was.

The next factor in our wooden watch guide that you need to pay attention to when purchasing a new wood watch is movement. The movement ought to be of high quality. Movement is the mechanism that helps to move a watches’ hands. There are two major movements which are mechanical and quartz. The latter is the most common as it is cheaper, if we compare it to the former. It is also extremely reliable and efficient. A mechanical watch usually has a smooth, weeping motion while a quartz watch has a “tick-tick” movement of the second hand. Some common quartz movements are: Swiss Quartz and Japanese Miyota Quartz movements. Although both are accurate, the Swiss movement is usually more accurate. You will certainly know whether a watch uses Swiss Movement as all of them have “Swiss Movement” engraved somewhere on the watch. Due to its reliability a watch that uses Swiss movement will normally have an extra cost.

Striped women’s watch: This women’s rectangular-faced watch is carefully designed and handcrafted to create the most elegant wrist accessory possible. Backed by the Angie Wood Creations’ quality guarantee, this fine-grained Zebrawood Women’s Watch will put a smile on your face. If it is your intention to go green this season, then this is the perfect watch to back up such a statement. The zebrawood eco-friendly women’s watch is coupled with an adjustable multi-link striped zebrawood bracelet and invisible double locking clasp. With a delicate feminine finish, the pretty celadon green dial and charismatic rose gold watch hands are paired perfectly. Read more info at koa wood watches.

Can the company selling the wood watch adjust the wrist band on the spot? Believe it or not, many unqualified retailers do not offer this service. They simply say that the watch is easy to adjust, but their store personnel have never adjusted a watch before. Full service retailers like Martin & MacArthur adjust the watch at each of their locations. Does the company offer a variety of different face styles, including mother of pearl, gold or silver. Gone are the days when the faces of wood watches all look the same. The best wood watch companies offer mother of pearl faces or faces made from jewelry metals like gold or silver. Choose wisely and be sure that the retailer has a variety of watch faces for you to choose.

Just as each piece of wood is unique, so is each one of our handmade products which take on the character and the nuance of the specific wood grain it is created from. Our dedicated team of skilled artisans work hard to ensure that you are 100% pleased with your wooden gifts. All of our products are specially handcrafted from quality, natural and sustainable wood culminating in a stunning one-of-a-kind purchase for yourself or your loved ones. Source: