The best travel blogs to read in 2019

Let’s talk about top quality travel blogs in 2019. World is full of travel blogs so bloggers are forced to become more and more professional, comprehensive, posts get bigger and bigger, filled with more and more information, pictures and other travel things. Here are some travel blogs that i like reading.

Uncornered Market , Originally from the United States, Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott are the husband-and-wife storytelling team behind Uncornered Market. Through their stories, advisory, and speaking they are creating a movement of travelers who live at the intersection of adventure, deep travel and life experiences. More than 90 countries later, they are still going… and still married.

Global Grasshoppers: Advice and inspiration with a slightly off-beat outlook. The world’s weirdest beaches is an excellent example of their style. Get In The Hotspot: Travel stories and tips from an expat Brit living in Australia. Uplifting. Useful. Funny. Follow The Boat: Wanderlust regular Liz Cleere created a corner of the web where aspiring travel writers can hone their craft. Liz, her partner Jamie, and their cat named Millie teamed up to sail all corners of the world, and keep aspiring travellers updated on Follow The Boat.

Annette White is the author of Bucket List Adventures and creator of Bucket List Journey, an award-winning travel blog. She is driven by collecting experiences and checking off her bucket list of adventures. The blog itself covers travel, food, lifestyle, tips and resources, and much more for readers who have their own bucket lists of adventures to take. Clelia Mattana has been a globetrotter for more than 16 years. She is passionate about traveling and blogging to show others that you can travel regardless of your age, budget, or status. Clelia’s Keep Calm and Travel posts include tips for planning and packing for a trip, stores about her travels, and guides to various parts of the world.

The Travel Episodes does not just take storytelling to the next level with their writings but also with video clips, sound effects, and photography. It’s like reading a futuristic storybook that teleported you to the place. For example, the Hitchhiking through Pakistan entry, when you first landed on the page, you are already feeling the tense atmosphere of the video playing in the background, and the more you read through easily-digestible paragraphs, the more you want to see how it all went down. The Travel Episodes blog takes travel blogging into the realm of short stories like no other travel blogs I have seen.

Another blog that i like reading, a website that i like a lot, is TforTraveller , a travel blog with awesome travel articles. The content i like the most are the 72 hours guides, they are perfect for maximizing your fun in a short weekend break. With articles published on a variety of topics, from budget travel to an adventure re pieces, you ’ll be transported to destinations that will make you want to drop everything and pack your bags. We understand that everyone is different You might want to get away for a long weekend, take an extended vacation, or even set off with no return date. Come join us on our journey as we set off to find the most exciting places and activities that the world has to offer, tailored to you. Read extra travel stories at TforTraveller.